Celadon Moon Designs MWM Creative is dedicated to making wonderful moments. 

When I think about all the wonderful moments in my life, those memories have one thing in common, happiness. Whether I'm drawing, painting, sewing, felting or embroidering, my creations make me happy, even the creations that are not so great. The not so great creations give me the chance to learn and grow and appreciate the creative process. 

From Pet Portraits to cuddly Teddy Bears, from Shabby Chic flowers for hair and necklaces to wear, I create each item with care. That rhyme was unintentional, but I like it! Let me create something for you, something to make you happy, not for a moment, but for all your moments.

It's the moments and the memories that follow us wherever we go. 

2017 Celadon Moon Designs MWM Creative. All images are subject to copyright

Shabby Chic flowers

For your hair, as a magnet, or to embellish a gift